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How the APPA came to be

Stuart Rogers

May 31, 2020

How we got from the APPF to the new APPA.

American pool in Australia is a growing market. After running many successful tournaments for all levels of play over the past 5 years I was personally approached in late 2019 by the current President of the Australian Pool Players Federation to discuss the future of the APPF.

The current organisation had various challenges with only a small number of people who could dedicate the time to govern and improve the sport at a national level.

I was asked to assemble a team that would be able to modernise the brand, events, provide national governance, produce appropriate documentation and policies with a view to Sports Australia recognition.

It has been an absolute mammoth task with countless hours of working on weekends, late nights, Thursday evening team meetings. I would like to personally acknowledge the APPA team for their personal efforts and ask that all the players to join their new association with a view to an exciting and transparent future with great opportunities for our cue sport community.

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