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Barry Mavros

Media Director

Barry has been involved in cue sports for many years and started playing 14 years ago at the age of 27, Before then he played Snooker for 8 years. Barry has a great deal of success on the table defeating many top players along his path. Barry's great success comes from his friendly attitude and he engages with the cue sport community across the airwaves as commentator and in person.

Barry is well known for being an avid cue collector and currently plays with the Predator Maesto with the 314-3 shaft, BK-Rush and Predator Air2 Jump Cue. Over the years Barry has given some of his prized possessions to his friends or students as gifts,

Believe or not owned and ran a pool room in Europe, and sold cues, so he has an extensive knowledge of the game, how to run a successful tournament, billiard industry brands and technologies. As we all do Barry has a day job and runs a very successful fresh seafood store in Westfield Penrith.

Barry has been in the pool scene here in Australia for two decades now. He won his first tournament back in April 2001, that was a 64-player full draw event at a pool room he worked in. Like all of us life gets in the way sometimes and Barry had a five-year break from the game, whilst he set up his first business and then he was straight back in again.

Barry's known in the cue sport fraternity as the voice of pool in Australia, his energy and voice are infectious, and he really engages the crowds and online community, Barry has covered events across a broad spectrum in Australia, from State Titles, National Titles and Oceania Titles. Commentating is Barry's passion and pool is an integral part of his life. Barry joined Pool NSW committee back in 2009 as VP with no acting President. For the next two years the team which he helped lead turned it from a loss to a profit and ran three consecutive tournaments with 100+ players.

Barry Mavros
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