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OPBA President’s Announcement - Matchroom and Pockets Oceania Events

Stuart Rogers

Mar 12, 2023

Please read the following Announcement from our OPBA President

Dear Members,

While attending the WPA Predator World 10 Ball Championships in Las Vegas, members of the OPBA Executive Board woke up to messages and screen shots from various members, friends and pool fans in both Australia and New Zealand about the Pockets Oceania Matchroom Events.

The Events were announced without prior consultation with OPBA, APPA or NZPA. The members of the OPBA Executive Board, APPA and NZPA had discussions while in Las Vegas to determine the OPBA position on behalf of our continental members in relation to the Matchroom events.

OPBA wishes the promoter Pockets Sports good luck with these series of Matchroom events. It’s an exciting time for pool around the world for the industry, players and most importantly the sport.

However, OPBA would like to confirm that these Matchroom events promoted by Pockets Sports are NOT sanctioned nor endorsed by OPBA (Oceania Pocket Billiards Association), nor APPA (Australian Pool Players Association) nor the NZPA (New Zealand Pool Association).

All athletes should direct any questions, concerns or issues surrounding these Matchroom events to the promoters directly. It should be noted that these unsanctioned Matchroom events will not attract WPA Rankings Points.

Yours Sincerely

Stuart Rogers
OPBA President
Oceania Pocket Billiards Association

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