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Our Sponsors & supporters

The APPA would like to thank and recognise the wonderful generosity and support of our sponsors and supporters



T140 is cue sports - reinvented, reimagined and revitalised. APPA are excited about what T140 can bring to our game.  Get ready for the ultimate experience.

All Players. All Codes. All Countries.


Carnell Cues

Rob Carnell, based in Sydney is a keen cue sport enthusiast and player.  


Rob started out doing tips, ferrules and shaft repairs but soon moved into full custom cues. He has a number of exotic timbers available to craft one-off cues as well as a variety of cue wraps that are very popular.

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Delahunty Construction

Seamus Delahunty is the proprietor of Delahunty Construction and  has generously sponsored the Live Streaming for APPA for 2022.  


CityHeroes Burwood

City Heroes Pool & Billiards is Sydney's best rated pool hall and Entertainment complex with:

  • 22 Diamond Pool Tables

  • 8 Chinese Joy Championship Tables
  • 4 Start Championship Snooker Tables
  • 6 Mahjong rooms
  • Arcade Machines
  • Convenience Store
  • Bowling and Bar next door
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