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Stuart Rogers


Stuart is the current Chairman for APPA (Australian Pool Players Association) which oversees the governance of WPA related pool disciplines in Australia. Stuart is the only CSI recognized level 3 Referee for Australia and has also obtained ASADA Level 1 and 2 Certificate and has completed Working with Children Certificate.

Recently, Stuart was selected to represent Oceania on the WPA (World Pool Association) Board of Directors in January 2023.

It’s no secret that Stuart has a passion for bringing people into the sport and he co-founded the Diamond League, regarded by many to best the amateur pool league in the country. Stuart’s professional career encompasses 20+ years in the sales and FMCG industry across various management positions.

He is Co-Founder of Sports Bar Leisure Group Pty Ltd and operates CueWorld a wholly Australian owned online retailer of Pocket Billiards sports industry products that serves players and organisations around the region.

Stuart has developed strong relationships within the global billiards industry; WPA, Predator, Cue Sports International (CSI), FargoRate, Digital Pool, Billiard Congress of America (BCA), Diamond Billiards, Kamui, and Rasson.

Stuart Rogers
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