APPA oversee and arrange hosting of National Titles, Australian Open Championships across WPA disciplines and work with New Zealand for Oceania Championships. APPA will also coordinate exclusively on behalf of Matchroom Pool, invitational and qualifiers for events like World Cup Of Pool, World 9 Ball, World Pool Masters and US Open.


APPA is currently developing a ranking system in partnership with Fargo Rate to have an encompassing system that will provide feedback, statistics to players, highlighting their performance nationally, Oceania and more importantly at a global level. Our ranking system is also used to select entrants for International events, and in some part, seeding and entry fee scales to ensure value and fairness.


You are welcome to join us and participate in our tournaments. We have membership categories for overseas players, Australian players, and State members. Join now and show us your game!

"Our primary goal is to grow the sport of American Pool in Australia and to achieve recognition from Sports Australia working towards an Australian Cue Sports Confederation."
APPA, Mission Statement