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APPA Needs your help!

Fleur Williamson

19 Feb 2022

Help the APPA streamline your records

APPA Needs Every player to do this!

APPA is committed to adopting the best tools to add to your experience as a pool player.

FargoRate is the first system to rate pool players worldwide on the same scale based on games won and lost against opponents of known rating. We feed all our results to FargoRate so that you have a measure how you are doing against your peers.

APPA have chosen CueScore to run our tournament brackets, results, player stats and APPA rankings. CueScore has been developed just for cue sports and has been utilised by some of the biggest organisations in the game. Eg: Matchroom.

So, what is it we need you to do?
We need you to make sure that your accounts match!

After each tournament we will be feeding our CueScore results to FargoRate. So we need to make sure that the names in both match.

1. Please update your CueScore profile.
If we created your profile for you, you can claim your profile account and update:
• Please update correct FULL NAME
• Please add appropriate photo
• Please update “Lives in” with correct country of current Residence (ie Australia)
• Please update Nationality with your country of Citizenship
How to claim your CueScore profile.
• Search in CueScore to find your profile.
NOTE: If you find more that one match that you think is you, claim both.
Then contact CueScore and request that the profiles and results be merged. CueScore support <>
• Click “Claim this Profile” in the top right corner.
Fill in the form and wait for the email with login credentials.

2. Please check your FargoRate name and check there are not multiple matches:
• Go to
• Click Search Player Ratings
• Click Find a Player
• Check that your name is a match for your CueScore name.
• Check that you don’t have 2 separate FargoRate profiles
• If you need corrections made, contact
If you need any help with any of this, please contact Fleur Williamson:
• M +61 414 267 734
• Facebook:

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