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Covid-19 Lockdown and the APPA National 9-Ball

Stuart Rogers

Jun 28, 2021

News from the Chairman on how the Covid-19 lockdown will impact the National 9-Ball schedule.

Good Morning APPA Members,

With the current NSW Public Health Orders on Covid-19 we are now forced to make some plans for the APPA National 9 Ball event that is scheduled for July 31-Aug 1, 2021.
As NSW is now currently on a two-week lockdown until midnight 9th July, we are once again facing uncertainty around our event. Our aim is to provide a more concise plan moving ahead once we understand the implications of the current NSW lockdown situation.

At this point in time our preference is to be able to keep our date and event running on schedule, however we understand the need for certainty with interstate travellers as this is a National event.
We urge all members considering travelling to allow for refundable/change fares and accommodations and of course follow the state health orders in regards to travel and quarantine.

The APPA executive held a meeting late last week and we have formulated a Plan B in the event that the lockdown does not have the desired outcome to allow us to proceed forward on the July 31-Aug 1 Date.
The back-up date is September 11-12 to be hosted at City Heroes Burwood which we have confirmed no clashes with any major events in any of the cue sports codes.

While we wish to proceed with our current schedule, prudence dictates having a Plan B, so we encourage all APPA members to wait until our lockdown has ceased and pencil in the 11-12 September, 2021 as the back-up date to ensure you can organise leave and travel arrangements.
We apologise for the uncertainty and hope you understand that it is ever shifting sands for everyone.
Keep safe.
Stuart Rogers
APPA Chairman

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