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I fell in love with the game of pool as a child visiting my grandfather and playing on his table. But it was the early 90’s when I started playing tournaments and met so many people who have become life long friends.
My cuesport highlights include:
  • Winner State Womens Minor Snooker Championships 1998

  • Winner of the Womens Lord Mayors Cup

  • Highest ranked female in in the NSW league

  • Playing in VNEA in Las Vegas years: 1996, 2000, 2005, 2011.

  • Winner 2013 NSW Womens State 10-ball

  • Winner 2013 NSW Women’s State 9ball

  • Top ranked female player in NSW 2013

  • Winner 2022 Womens National 8-Ball

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Fleur Williamson

Fleur Williamson

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