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Australian Open 8-Ball Championships 2022 - Womens

WINNER: Bean Hung

RUNNER UP: Kenny Tirza Chandra

The Womens Australian Open 8-Ball event attracted 20 competitors.

  • Anne Green

  • Annette Grigg

  • Annie Kim

  • AshleighMclellan

  • Bean Hung

  • Emelia Ellaby-Hall

  • Fleur Williamson

  • Gemma Schuman

  • Jane HowardJ

  • ing LiuJo Somers

  • Joey Tohme

  • Kate Harrison

  • Kenny Tirza Chandra

  • Lavinia Van Bokhoven

  • Leanne Haas

  • LisaMcDonald

  • Lyndall Vine

  • Rea Wang

  • Sarah Moeahu

Sadly Lavinia had to withdraw on the eve of the event, so the event went forward with 3 groups of 5 and one of 4 playing in a round robin.

The top 4 from each group progressed to the second day to play off in single elimination format.

Our number 1 seed Bean Hung met Kenny Tirza Chandra in the final to play for the title. Bean took the victory at 7 frames to 4.


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