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Australian Open 8-Ball Championships 2024 - Womens

WINNER: Bean Hung

RUNNER UP: Kenny Tirza Chandra

After Tournament Report: APPA Australian Men's and Women’s 8 Ball Championship

Date: April 6th and 7th, 2024

Venue: City Heroes Burwood, New South Wales

The weekend of April 6th and 7th, 2024, showcased competitive pool with the APPA Australian Men's 8 Ball & Women’s Championship at City Heroes Burwood in New South Wales. This prestigious event brought together 63 men and 20 women with some of the finest players from across Australia, showcasing their talent and passion for the game in a thrilling display of skill and sportsmanship.

There were a couple of notable players missing from the Men’s event, Justin Sajich and Chris Calabrese, despite these two players being absent the field was very strong overall. The Men’s event also held a berth to the Predator WPA World 8 Ball Championship held in Venezuela in October 2024.


Intense Competition: The championship weekend was a testament to the dedication and skill of the participants, as players engaged in back and forth battles on the Diamond 9ft Pro Am Tables.

Each match was a display of strategy and precision, captivating spectators with its exhilarating gameplay. The pool tables were covered in Andy 900 Speedy Cloth and APPA use the Predator Arcos Reserve balls in official events.

Champion's Triumph: In the end, it was Vinnie Calabrese who emerged as the deserving champion of the APPA Australian Men's 8 Ball Championship. His remarkable performance throughout the tournament showcased his talent and determination, earning him the admiration of his peers and spectators alike. He defeated a stalwart John Wims in the Final 10-8, with two costly scratches from John that were critical moments that probably turned the tide for John who was breaking and playing very well.

Not to be outdone Meng-Hsia Hung (Bean) was once again crowned the champion in the Women’s Australian 8 Ball, defeating a resilient Kenny Tirza 7-4. Kenny played great but was under the weather and struggled a bit, in the match Kenny shot out to a 2-0 lead with Bean digging deep to claw back the deficit and take a commanding lead. Well done to Leanne Haas and Yongxi Li who both has a great run in the event making it into the semi-finals.

Check out the stats from Digital Pool here for more information:



Gratitude to Volunteers: A special word of thanks goes out to our dedicated volunteers, Pinar and Adam, for their exceptional photography and videography skills. Their efforts were instrumental in capturing the excitement and energy of the championship, ensuring that fans both near and far could experience the thrill of the event. Look out for this content over the coming days (once all the editing is done).

Acknowledgment to Simon: We would also like to extend our appreciation to Simon (Sleepy) for his tireless effort in maintaining clean sets of balls and providing general support throughout the weekend. His dedication and hard work behind the scenes were invaluable in ensuring the running of the tournament.

Introduction of Ms Yuxin Shao as Referee: This year, APPA introduced a new team member as referee, Ms. Yuxin Shao from China, who is currently residing in Australia while she completes her Masters Degree. The feedback received from both the players and APPA staff about her professional approach was outstanding. We eagerly anticipate our next events with Yuxin on board, confident that her presence will help elevate APPA's standards to new heights.

Prize Payouts: The prize money for the championship was based on the number of entries in each tier, determined by FargoRate. The APPA Board also agreed to reduce the entry fee amounts prior to announcing the event, impacting the total prize money.

Prize payouts for the Men were allocated to the top 8 players according to the following formula:

  • Men’s 1st: $1,680.00 (40%) Vinnie Calabrese

  • Men’s 2nd: $850.00 (20%) John Wims

  • Men’s 3rd: $420.00 (10%) Kurt Dunham

  • Men’s 4th: $420.00 (10%) Danny Stone

  • Men’s 5th: $200.00 (5%) Travis Crawley

  • Men’s 6th: $200.00 (5%) Jamie Walker

  • Men’s 7th: $200.00 (5%) Andika Adiputro

  • Men’s 8th: $200.00 (5%) Jayden Thompson

Prize Payouts for the Women allocated to the top 4 players based on the below formula:

  • Women’s 1st $685 (50.0%) Meng-Hsia Hung (Bean)

  • Women’s 2nd $340 (26.0%) Kenny Triza

  • Women’s 3rd $150 (12.0%) Yongxi Li

  • Women’s 4th $150 (12.0%) Leanne Haas

Seeding Process: The seeding process for the Final Stage of APPA Events typically utilizes factors such as Match Wins, Win %, Frames Won vs Frames Lost (differential +/-), and FargoRate as a tiebreaker in the unlikely event there is the same results between participants. However, there was some confusion regarding this process, prompting the APPA team to take more care in the future publicizing this information for both new and existing players. Suggestions for tweaking this formula are welcome and can be submitted to

Sponsor Support: The championship received invaluable support from Mr Barry Jenner, MD of T140, the major sponsor, who contributed significantly to the event. T140's generous contribution, including the addition of funds to the Men's event and the travel fund component, enhanced the prestige and significance of the championship, some of the funds were also added to the Women’s 8 Ball Event, which unfortunately at this stage does not have a World Championship…yet.

Live Streaming Partner: BLive, our streaming partner, once again delivered top-notch coverage of the tournament. From the Quarter Finals onwards, matches were broadcasted in crisp 720HD quality for fans at home and abroad via the APPA Facebook Page and YouTube Channel. Barry Mavros led the commentary team, providing insightful analysis, player interviews, and captivating commentary that kept viewers engaged throughout the broadcast.

Acknowledgment of Marvin Monzon's Absence: While the event ran reasonably smoothly for the most part, the absence of our friend Marvin Monzon was keenly felt by the APPA team and community. We faced a few hiccups and data errors, which compounded on the day and added even more pressure to the event and staff running it. We thank the community for their understanding and patience; we do not go out of our way to make mistakes or slow down the event for the players.


As the curtains close on another Australian championship weekend, we extend our gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the event. From the players who showcased their talent on the table to the volunteers and staff who worked tirelessly behind the scenes, each individual played a vital role in making the APPA Australian Men's and Women’s 8 Ball Championship a resounding success. As we look forward to future tournaments and the continued growth of the sport, let us carry forward the spirit of camaraderie and passion that defines the pool-playing community here in Australia.

Stuart Rogers


Australian Pool Players Association




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